About this site

Run for charity

You can change this world and impact its trajectory. Make your race be more than about a great personal achievement. Make it count for others too.

Start a fundraising page and dedicate your race to one of the charity partners of Göteborgsvarvet. When your friends and family donate, you can all share the pride in having helped others in need.

Everyone who takes part in Göteborgsvarvet is encouraged to create a fundraising page. In addition to this you can also buy an official charity place. Read more and register here.

We hope you will take part in making the world a more generous place.

This site is operated by BetterNow

This site is operated by BetterNow. We also operate other fundraising platforms, some under the BetterNow name such as se.betternow.orge, platforms for other running events, and more than 40 other fundraising platform on behalf of charities in Sweden, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe.

We take care of support for both you and the charities. Our goal is to give you an amazing fundraising experience when you participate in Göteborsgvarvet.

Donations are paid out directly to the charities, and BetterNow never takes ownership of the funds. Read more fine print in the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Questions and Support

For any technical questions regarding your fundraising experience or donation, BetterNow is here to help. Check out our FAQ or contact us at goteborgsvarvet@betternow.org for help and support.

For questions about your donations, refunds, tax deductions and the like, contact the charity your are running for or have supported.

For all questions about the race, your start number and registration for the race - please see their support forum.

It costs money to operate this platform

Server space costs money. Web development and maintenance costs money. Support to you, charities, and donors costs money. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

It would cost money to operate this platform even if the charities did it themselves. We believe we can do it at a lower cost than charities themselves.

Charities on this page pay BetterNow to perform these and many other tasks. Some charities pay us a monthly subscription fee of either 999 SEK or 2999 SEK each month, and between 5% and 2% of the donations. Others pay no monthly subscription but 5.8% on donations. All charities have chosen to use BetterNow and agreed to this pricing (and we hope it is because they get good value for that money). No charity is locked into using BetterNow and can cancel anytime.

Charities who pay a monthly subscription also receive a white label solution that lets them use the technology behind this platform on their own websites. If you are a charity and want to read more about this white label option, we encourage you to read more here.

About BetterNow

BetterNow’s mission is to make the world more generous. We don’t want to just take a slice of the donation pie, we want to grow it. So far we have never turned a profit, and have re-invested every euro earned into the business. We plan on making a profit, as it will help us even further in making the world more generous.

Read more about BetterNow and our history.here.