• How do I create a fundraiser?
    When you have found the project you would like to start fundraising for, you click “Start Fundraising”. Thereafter fill in text and picture to finish your fundraising page. For a more detailed description, please check Learn how it works.
  • How do I share my fundraiser on social media?
    To share your fundraiser, you can use the sharing options on your fundraiser page, or just copy the URL link and paste it wherever you would like to share it, e.g. in an email or in a Facebook status.
  • What are the best practices for fundraising?
    First of all, your personal story and relation to the cause is very important. People tend to donate more if they are touched by your story. Furthermore, remember to upload a video or picture of yourself. This allows potential donors to better relate to you fundraiser. Finally, remember to share, share, share, preferably as personal as possible. To get more tips and best practices, check out Learn how it works.
  • How do I delete or finish my fundraiser?
    Go to your fundraising page after logging in. In the menu bar just below the header, there are two buttons. One is for editing your fundraiser, the other is ‘more options’. Under ‘more options’ you can opt to finish or delete your fundraiser. Hereafter you will be asked to confirm your decision after being informed about the consequences of the action.
  • What happens when I finish/delete my fundraiser?
    When you finish your fundraising page, it will no longer be open to new donations. It will also not be listed on index pages of active fundraisers. The page will only be accessible if you have a direct link to the fundraising page. This way you can keep sharing your results even after you are finished fundraising.
  • How do I edit my fundraiser?
    Log into your page, and click on the “Edit Fundraiser” button in the left upper corner. You will then have the option to edit all the information of your fundraiser. Remember to scroll down and click "Save Changes" when you are finished editing.
  • What is a team?
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  • How do I create a team?
    Go to the front page and click “create team” in the bottom of the page. Thereafter you will be guided step by step.
  • How do I join or leave a team?
    Go to your fundraising page after logging in. In the menu bar just below the header, there are two buttons. One is for editing your fundraiser, the other is ‘more options’. Under ‘more options’ you should select ‘join team’, after which you will be taken to a new screen where you can select the team you want to join. You should select ‘leave’ team if you want to leave the team you are currently attached to. Each fundraising page can only be a member of one team.
  • Which payment options do I have?
    You can donate with credit or debit card. Certain charities also accept donations through Swish, MobilePay or Vipps
  • Do I need to create an account for giving a donation?
    No. You just have to fill out a few basic information, and the amount you would like to donate.
  • How and when do the charities receive the fundraised amount?
    The charity receives donations directly from the payment provider, thus all donations are paid out directly to the charity. Charities are getting paid once a month. Donations are paid out to the charity not matter if and when you reach your goal or finish/delete your fundraising page. This way donations can be put to good use as soon as possible.
  • Can I fundraise for other organisations than those on this site?
    This site is for charities who are official partners with Göteborgsvarvet. If you want to fundraise for a charity that isn’t here you can contact them and encourage them to partner with Göteborgsvarvet for next year. You can also create a fundraising page for over 45 different charities on
  • Where can I get help with my fundraiser or donation?
    If you need help with your fundraising page or have problems making a donation, you can contact BetterNow by email at If your question is related to the charity you are fundraising for or you have questions about an activity they arrange, please contact the charity your are fundraising for or donating to.
  • Where do I find information about my start number and related info
    This site is only related to fundraising in regards to Göteborgsvarvet. You can find answers to the most common questions about the event and your participation here: